New Orleans Walking Tours: An Educational Experience

tours3“Three years and no vacation”, …this is what the boss said when I walked out of the office for the last time. My family and I are leaving next week for New Orleans, a long overdue trip that will bring us closer. What a great decision, one week of no cooking, cleaning, and work! I recently read an article that helped me make the decision to choose New Orleans for our travel destination. NolaTourGuy is a tour company that offers free Cemetery and French Quarter tours that are free and compensated by tips. That works for us; we are on a budget, and this makes sense, a free tour and tip at your discretion if you feel the tour is awesome and informative.

Another major factor in choosing New Orleans or as the locals say, the “Big Easy” is the history and culture that is diverse and interesting to both children and adults. It’s always great to experience and visit a particular area so you and the family can make up their own mind. Topics such as slavery, ghosts, voodoo, murder, and war are often offensive and taboo. However, when we visit New Orleans, we are able to experience this city from a historical perspective and draw conclusions based on facts and the time period. My children are already telling me stories and historical facts that they want to share with their teachers and classmates when they get home.

Our trip was incredible and our guide gave us so much New Orleans history and information that my family will be talking about for many years to come. Go to your travel professional today so you and your group can have a fantastic time in New Orleans. For more information, visit New Orleans Walking Tours.

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